You Won’t Be Able To Handle How Cute These Baby Spa Photos Are

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Anyone can tell you how wonderful a massage and a soak in the tub are after a long day. Adults aren’t the only ones who have a rough day from time to time. Babies have it pretty hard too.
They can’t communicate exactly what they want, they can’t get up and move and they are fully reliant on someone else. That’s why Baby Spa in Perth, Australia was born. The place caters to infants six months and younger.
Not only does the spa offer relaxing massages for babies, they also have a flotation tub that prepares them for swimming. Seeing these tiny clients is the cutest thing you’ll see today.
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Australia’s First Baby Spa

The spa is the first of its kind in Perth, but there are similar such spas in England, Spain and South Africa.
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Bonding Time for Baby and Parents

According to creators of the Baby Spa, time there gives parents a chance to bond with their new babies in a safe and relaxing environment.
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The Patented Bubby

The Baby Spa has patented their own flotation device, called the Bubby. It keeps the babies safe as they float in the hydrotherapy pools.
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Water Treated with Ozone

The hydrotherapy tanks are treated with purified ozone, which is entirely safe for the babies, but kills any bacteria in the water.
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Warm Water for the Babies

The pools are filled with warm water and gentle waves that allow babies to kick their legs or simply float around to their heart’s content.
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Perfect for a Little Nap

Of course, sometimes the relaxation catches up with a baby and she takes a little nap in the water.
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Getting Ready to Swim

Creators of the Baby Spa say that floating in the pools gets babies ready to learn how to swim as they get older and takes away fear of the water.
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Parent Interaction is Important

The spa is the perfect opportunity for parents and babies to focus on each other without any outside distractions.
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Totally Cute Pictures

This is picture is just one of many that has turned the Baby Spa into a social media sensation.
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Baby Massage Completes the Day

Once the babies get out of the water, trained professionals give them an infant massage using grapeseed oil.
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