You Won’t Be Able to Stop Smiling at This Mom Who Took a Selfie Right After Her C-Section

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All moms have post delivery photos of their new babies. Sometimes birth doesn’t go as expected and a c-section is required. This mom decided that was no reason not to take pictures.
Her selfie has gone viral after she posted it to Instagram. Get in on the moment these parents became a family. Then check out the beautiful newborn photos that came after.
You’ll be smiling all day.
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The Selfie

This is the Instagram photo that became an instant sensation. Look how happy they all are!
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The Whole Family

Here is the whole family, dog and all.
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Big Pink Bow

There’s no doubt that this little one is going to be a girly girl.
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Tiny Mermaid

This is probably the happiest mermaid you’ll see all day.
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Birthday Cake

Every baby should have a photo of their very first birthday cake. Yum!
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Bows and Sparkles

This little girl is lucky to have such a shiny and girly wardrobe. Don’t you agree?
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Off to the Beach

Here she is in her swimsuit, ready for a swim. Fun!
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