You Won’t Believe This 10-Year Old’s Makeup Skills

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While most 10-year-old boys are still digging in the dirt and throwing a baseball, Jack has been perfecting his mad makeup skills. Despite his young age, he can do it all. That includes everything from a flawless smokey eye to perfect eyelashes.
His first video went viral, with more than 57 million views and loads of supportive comments. The caption – “you walk in on your son doing this, wyd?” Of course, there were a fair amount of nasty comments, but Jack isn’t letting that get him down. He’s still doing what he loves!
Are you ready to be amazed at Jack’s makeup skills? One look at these and you’ll be hooked. If you want more, join Jack’s 80,000 followers on Instagram at @makeuupbyjack.
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Meet Jack

Jack, an instant internet sensation, is 10 years old and lives in the U.K.
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First Video

His first makeup video went viral almost immediately, with more than 57 million views!
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Makeup by Jack

Jack’s incredible skill? He’s a makeup artist with talents unlike any you’ve ever seen.
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There are some naysayers, but most of Jack’s comments are supportive and encouraging.
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Doing What He Loves

No matter what anyone says, Jack keeps on doing what he loves and posting the results for everyone to enjoy.
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Instagram Sensation

Jack has more than 80,000 followers on Instagram who are always excited to see his latest look.
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Way to Go Jack!

Jack isn’t slowing down anytime soon and is certainly a talented young man. Cheers to you, Jack!
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