You Won’t Believe These STUPID State Laws That Actually Still Exist

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While all states must adhere to federal law, they are also able to make some of their own laws. Sometimes those laws are only applicable in that state and not elsewhere in the country. Obviously, anytime you break the law, you’re at risk of a fine or jail time.
Sometimes, there’s a law so obscure that you don’t even know it exists. That won’t stop you from paying the price if you’re caught breaking that law. You won’t believe what some states have outlawed, but you’ll be glad you know so you don’t find yourself on the wrong end of the law.
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No Feeding the Pigs

If you live in sunny Arizona, you better have a permit before you feed the pigs. If you don’t have permission, you can get in trouble for feeding pigs anywhere in the state. The law came about because someone was giving local pigs used paper towels to eat.
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Don’t Eat the Frogs

In some parts of the world, frogs are a delicacy, but use caution in California. If you decide to hold a frog jumping contest in the state, you cannot eat the frogs if they die. If you do, there are certain to be penalties.
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You Can’t Ride and Drink

In the great state of Colorado, a horse is considered a vehicle. That means that if you are caught enjoying a cocktail astride your horse, you could face a DUI charge. Stick to your water bottle until you dismount.
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Protect the Little People

Next time you’re in Florida, don’t expect to find a contest that endagers those with dwarfism. It’s illegal for any establishment with a liquor license to host competitions that put little people at risk. People of average height are fair game.
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Go Home for a Nap

In Illinois it’s illegal to sleep in many public places thanks to a bill passed by the Sanitary Food Preparation Act. That includes bakeries, creameries, confectionaries and cheese factories. No more sleeping off a big meal.
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No Pinball Machine

If you live in South Carolina and you’re under the age of 18, you cannot play a pinball machine. But apparently there is a loophole to this stupid law. Minors can play pinball if they use tokens, but not quarters.
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No Exploding Golf Balls

It might be really fun, but if you live in or are visiting Massachusetts, don’t explode your golf balls. A first time offender faces up to a $500 fine. You won’t get off just because it was a prank either.
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You Need to Get Married

If you live in Mississippi, you’re only allowed to have one child out of wedlock. Have another one and you could face misdemeanor charges. What better reason to get married, right?
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Check the Clock First

If you’re in New Hampshire and are planning to take your seaweed to shore below the high-water mark, check the skies first. This is illegal after the sun has set. If it’s dark, wait to move your seaweed until morning.
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Say it Right

If you ever find yourself in Arkansas, be sure you can pronounce the state name. It is strictly forbidden to misprounounce it. You don’t want to go to jail for that!
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Sound it Out

In New Mexico, you cannot perform the National Anthem half heartedly. To avoid charges, be sure it’s sung or played in its entirety. Otherwise, you’ll wind up in jail.
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No Grease For You

Don’t even think about stealing used kitchen grease in North Carolina. Not only is it gross, but it’s against the law. Guess you’ll have to buy it fresh from now on.
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Don’t Share Your Liquor

If you have a pet fish and are in Ohio, keep your cocktails to yourself. That’s because it’s illegal to give a fish alcohol in this state. Drunk fish aren’t that funny anyway.
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X Does Not Mark the Spot

In Pennsylvania, it’s against the law to tell someone where to dig for treasure. In fact, it’s a third degree misdemeanor. Keep that treasure for yourself.
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