WTF? Double Take: Actors and Their Stunt Doubles

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Hollywood actors are a valuable commodity and their name alone can add millions of dollars to a movie looking for financial backing. But, when it comes to stunts, that investment can go up in smoke if there’s an accident. Enter the Stunt Double.
Stunt doubles are assigned to every major movie star and some, like this guy here (who is a virtual twin of Mark Ruffalo) do all the heavy lifting while getting paid, like, 1/100th the salary. But, as you’ll see when you flip through this gallery, some stunt doubles are barely getting by…
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Zooey Deschanel

Sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s cuter…
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Shia LaBeouf

Do you see what a pair of shades can do?
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Natalie Portman

Some stunt doubles are easier to fake than others. All it takes is a little eye makeup…
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Chris Hemsworth

Close. But no cigar…
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Quvenzhané Wallis

Here’s a unique situation. This “Annie” stunt double is actually an adult.
Sorry, kids. Sometimes older people come in handy…
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Robert Pattinson

This guy is like, “I know I’m not the real Edward, but, can I get a Pepsi too?”
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Mark Wahlberg

Umm… Maybe. If he’s shot from the beer gut up…
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Chandler Riggs

Chandler Riggs plays kind of a wimpy character on “The Walking Dead.” So wimpy in fact his stunt double is a girl!
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Brad Pitt

Yikes! Skip the closeup and go right to the car crash.
Now we know why Brad Pitt is a Movie Star and the rest of us are just Mere Mortals…
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